About Sottil

Internationally renowned artist Luis Sottil, creator of “Naturalismo,” enjoys a special relationship with nature that he likes to share with the world through his art.  Sottil’s art is to be felt, not necessarily understood or explained.  He has devoted his life to capturing the emotions of his subjects on canvas and the emotions that one feels when in their presence.

Sottil studies, photographs and takes meticulous notes in the natural habitat of his subject before he paints the emotions that he experienced. His work is meant to emulate nature with the elements of surprise that are always present, from beauty, fear, joy, passion and romance.  All human emotions are represented in nature.

His original masterpieces are created using minerals, vegetable dyes and natural substances.  He uses mother of pearl from the African sea to create iridescent white colors, to cochinilla powder from OaxacaMexico to create a brilliant cobalt blue.  Sottil uses nature to paint nature.

The resulting colors reflect light instead of absorb it.  As light changes throughout the day, the intensity of the emotion in the painting changes as well, just as in nature.

Since animals communicate through eye contact, the eyes in his paintings are 33% to 100% larger than scale.  This creates an effect that invites you into his paintings to create a connection with nature Sottil calls “Naturalismo.”

Sottil has been the recipient of numerous achievement awards and his works are included in over 3000 private and corporate collections around the world including Rupert Murdoch, the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, and the Tupperware Collection.  He is represented by 15 galleries internationally, including three of his own, located at The Walt Disney World’s Dolphin Resort, Florida, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and El Madrigal Resort in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Sottil is considered by many critics as one of modern times greatest colorists and as a leader in reviving nature’s emotions at intense levels of beauty never before achieved through other forms of art.